Feel Dementia | Artistic Research & Communication

In Europe, about 10 million people are currently living with dementia. Due to increased life expectancy, it will be twice as many in 2050. These people are withdrawing from the public, the disease remains hidden.

What preconditions must be met in order that people with dementia as long as possible can participate in public life? The growing number of those affected and their relatives makes dementia an increasingly perceptible factor of our social fabric.

The Project

People are used to rely on their sensations and to be able assign those. What happens when being confronted with a completely different perception?

The Interventions

During interventions in public space healthy people were given the opportunity to experience disorientation, uncertainty and overstimulation.

The Tool

Based on the collected feedback, a communication tool was produced. It provides the chance to enter the complex topic feelingly, visually and auditory.

The Archive

A growing archive documents how participants discussed the question "How would you deal with such a situation?" subsequent to the intervention.