People are accustomed to rely on their sensations and to assign this right. But what happens when one is confronted with a completely different sense-perception?

We believe that the personal experience of confusion, disorientation and uncertainty has the potential to better understand the situation of people with dementia. From this experience a strong perception alteration, it seems easier to think and talk about dementia. With our project we want to contribute to improve social awareness about dementia.

In a new way the project makes the individual challenges visible, where people with dementia face every day and in a world that is dominated by competition, speed and overstimulation.

We do not have the opportunity and the right to say: “That’s how dementia does feel like.“ But we can make uncertainty and fears perceived. In public interventions in Vienna, we gave people the opportunity to influence their sense acoustically and visually by means of two artistic objects.

Our goal is, to address the topic of dementia unconventional and generate new approaches. People with dementia should as long as possible participate in public life.





Cornelia Bast

Cornelia Bast is artist and design-communicator. She earned a Bachelor degree in „Applied Arts and Design Communication“ and a Master degree in “Social Design – Arts as Urban Innovation” from the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Prior to that she completed a Higher Technical School for Biochemistry, worked in a Research Institute for Leukaemia, graduated from the Academy for Midwifery, worked as midwife at the Vienna Medical University Clinic for Gynaecology and Obstetrics, and was trained at the Austrian Society for Medical and Dental Hypnosis.

Cornelia Bast participated in artistic research projects on the situation of children in St.Anna Childrens’ Cancer Hospital and on the situation of women in Womens’ Shelters. Her artistic work oscillates between performative interventions in public spaces, multi-media installations and multi sensory, interactive objects allocated between fine arts, performance and design. While working on “Feel Dementia” she attended a training at Alzheimer Austria. Cornelia Bast is particularly interested in the social impact of art and design and addresses these aspects also in her broadcasts, produced as editorial staff member at „Radio derive – Radio for Urban Research“. 



Antonia Eggeling

Antonia Eggeling is Industrial Designer (BA 2013 Folkwang University, Essen) with a focus on social value. On this basis, she graduated from the master program "Social Design - Arts as Urban Innovation" (University of Applied Arts Vienna) where she focused on the participation of target groups in creative processes, as well as on topics like social participation and inclusion.

By 2011, Antonia has dealt with the topic of dementia and designed a holistic restaurant concept with corresponding tableware. As part of her research she participated in a seminar on dementia organized by Caritas Essen. For the current project, she completed an additional training for members and volunteers at Alzheimer Austria.